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Products By @iRest

With Irestwellness Massage Equipments, you can have theurepetic massaging right in the comfort of your home

Ergonomical Designs

Each of our products are designed for maximum comfort and highest impact. Ergononomical design makes it extremely handy and easy to use.

Clinically Safe

Every product has been tested thousands of times before offering it for end use. Our researchers have done extensive trails, both on safety and results before releasing it for end use.

Faster Delivery

We accept any volume and can deliver them at short notice anywhere within India. This applies to most of the items for which we always maintain ready stocks.

Proven Track Record

Our product success speaks of itself. Our customer referrals are extremely high and we get repeat orders for customer for other massaging items from existing customers.


Besides being to use, our focus has been on delivering items which are highly reliable and sturdy.


Unlike many similar products, we have chosen to market products at very affordable prices so that our users can have maximum “value for money” benefit. Compare it and see it for yourselves.